Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collated answers to some questions you might have and we hope this helps you understand our app.

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What is Chowdeck?

  • Chowdeck is a technology company that provides a food delivery hub that connects both food vendors and consumers. This potentially allows food vendors to deliver meals seamlessly while also providing consumers with a platform to order meals from their favorite restaurants in their city.

How many locations can Chowdeck deliver food to?

  • We’re currently deliver food to places in Ikeja. This means you can find your favorite restaurants and food vendors who are in Ikeja and order your food from them. We plan to expand to other areas in Lagos soon.

How do I create an account on Chowdeck?

  • Go to Playstore or App Store on your phone, search for Chowdeck and click 'download'
  • Open the Chowdeck app on your phone and click on `Create one`.
  • Enter your first name, last name, phone number, email address and a referral code if you have any.
  • Click on Create account . This takes you to a page where you have to enter an OTP so we can verify you as a user. An OTP is sent to your email address and your phone number as a text message
  • Enter the OTP sent to you to create an account for yourself.

How do I find food vendors close to me?

  • After creating your account, the app takes you to a landing page like this with your location at the top left of the page.
  • Click on Restaurants to find the list of vendors close to you.
  • Vendors are listed according to the time of delivery. This means vendors categorized under 35 minutes have a delivery time of 35 minutes. Based on your preferred time, kindly pick a vendor you’d like to order food from.

How do I place orders for food and drinks?

  • At the bottom left of the Home page, click on `Orders`
  • On the Order page, click on `Order now.`
  • Click on `Restaurants` to find the list of vendors close to you
  • After picking a vendor, the app takes you to a menu page which has a list of food available for a particular vendor.
  • Pick what you’d like to order by clicking on `Add`.
  • On the pop up page below, select quantity and click on Proceed to place order. If you’d like to add more things to your order, tap outside the pop up or click on Proceed to place order and Add to this pack.
  • Choose your Delivery Option: Delivery or Pick Up
  • If you choose delivery, enter your delivery address and save. Kindly share direction and landmark close to your delivery address if necessary.
  • Choose your payment method. Chowdeck gives you the option to top up and pay from wallet and also to pay online for every order.
  • Write a note to us if you’d like us to do something specific with your order.
  • Click on Place Order and make payment with Paystack.

How do I update my profile?

  • On the app, you can only update your name and your delivery address when you click `More` on the homepage

How do I top up my wallet?

  • From the home page, click on More at the bottom right.
  • Choose Wallet
  • Under Wallet, click on Add Money and you’ll see a pop where you can input the amount you’d like to add before clicking on Topup
  • Complete payment with Paystack and funds will reflect in your wallet

Download the app, get meals from your favorite restaurants.

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